In September Apple released an update for iOS with a huge design overhaul.

We didn’t want to rush our update nor update one app and not the other. This has caused a slight delay in releasing an updated version of the application, but today we pleased to announce we have just submitted an update to Apple.

This process normally takes around 7-10 days, before it will appear on your device

Below is a sneak peak of the redesign.

7 Angel 7 Guardian



Now live. Download Now!


ADHD Angel

1) Menu
2) Medication
3) Tap the ‘+’ Button
4) Tap the medication box – Choose medication
4) Tap Dosage – Choose Dosage
5) To add a reminder – Tap the +

——- Choose repeat schedule ——-

1) Choose option
2) Choose Time/Date
3) Repeat as required.

——- Confirm and Save ——-

Screenshot 2013.04.21 21.00.08 Screenshot 2013.04.21 21.00.14 Screenshot 2013.04.21 21.00.18



To add an Guardian Angel Activation Key

1) Press Accounts
2) Press the ‘+’
3) Enter the activation key
4) Enter an account name
5) Choose notification type

Screenshot 2013.04.21 20.44.05 Screenshot 2013.04.21 20.44.17 Screenshot 2013.04.21 20.44.22


* Hint: You can also auto populate these fields by pressing ‘open in app’  link within the email received from the sharing options from ADHD Angel